Organized Neighbors of Summerhill (ONS) will be creating a neighborhood-themed house sign to further beautify, and unify our community. As a community organization we would like to request designs for our new neighborhood-themed house signs from members of Summerhill.

When creating your design, please incorporate some of the following:

  • Summerhill’s culture, history & bright future
  • Olympic symbols
  • Architecture & Skyline
  • Landmarks, Sights & Sounds
  • Significant Events

Please use the following links as resources for your design:

Summerhill History and Resources,_Atlanta

Summerhill Map

Submissions are due Dec 15th 2017. (Deadline has been extended!)

Five (5) designs will be selected as finalists for a runner-up prize and one (1) of those finalist will be selected for the grand prize.

CASH PRIZES!!!!!!!!!!

The first four  chosen runner ups will receive a $250 Cash Award and the top design will receive $500.00!

Please contact Michael Lievers at for more information or to submit a design.

*The final design selected may end up being the official neighborhood-themed house sign but is not guaranteed*